7 proven Ways to Make Money Online in India — For Beginners..

Often times, we feel we should be arranging for multiple sources of income generation. Why should we rely to just one job at the very first place? Moreover, with the evolution of online realm, smart ones among ourselves feel we are missing out to tap into this powerful tool to enhance our income. Once we understand the power of online income generation and it’s scope as compared to traditional means like jobs, we cannot hold ourselves but try to earn money online with Google.

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In this article, I have mentioned 7 tested and applied ways on how to make money online for free, without any initial investment. We often need to put in initial investment to start any business, but in this blog you will find best ways to earn money online without investing. Beginners who aspire to have a side hustle income will benefit the most from this article.


The foremost and best means of earning on the net is through freelancing. Now, freelancing is a broad domain with several subdomains in it. To become a freelancer, you need to specialize in one of the subdomains. Most common fields that are the most rewarding as well are :

a) Web development 

b) Graphics designing

 c) Video Editing 

d) Copyrighting and Content Marketing 

e) Digital Marketing

And a lot more..

A well known freelancer can generate more than 50$ an hour. The only initial hurdle one encounters while beginning as a freelancer is that one must increase his/her ratings to build a profile which is attractive enough to attract clients. For this you must develop your expertise in one of the above mentioned fields. At the end of the day, it’s your portfolio that brings you money through clients and stakeholders. 

You can kick start by working part time in an organization or getting an internship where you can apply what you have learnt to practice. That will also bring up to you the current industry required skillsets on the table. We all have abundant sources of learning a new skillset through the web. After you have learnt the in demand skill, you must apply that to facilitate effective learning. Then is the time to develop and uncover your portfolio to potential clients. You can use several popular sites like freelancer.com, Upworks.com, LinkedIn, dribbble.com and many more to reach to your much awaited clients. These steps will take time, but the rewards that await after you climb down these steps are phenomenal. It might take more than a year or so to master any skill, but once you are done, you can generate massive income which can even prove better than your current salary!

earn online money

Of course, nothing comes for free, you have to invest your time and effort for this, but I can say this for sure that this investment will not be in the form of money and it will bring fortune to you in the long run. So, in this manner you can technically earn money online for free.

Affiliate Marketing

One of the trending side hustle online money making option is affiliate marketing. What you do in affiliate marketing is you sell products on behalf of someone else. It’s like promoting the products or services of your client to the customers. This is a promising income generating option, especially for those who don’t have the time or money to build their own product or service. By selling others product you earn a commission and that is your earning through affiliate marketing. 

Earn money

 Beginners in affiliate marketing should learn SEO at the first place. SEO is a deep and complex topic where you optimize your website where you would be selling your affiliate product according to the Google search engine. You need to create backlinks, perform on-page as well as off-page SEO. This would take time. It will demand time and effort to rank your site on Google search. But, once you manage to rank your website, you will start earning tremendous amounts of commission. You must start learning SEO online as soon as possible if you aspire to be an affiliate marketer. Speaking of which affiliate program to choose initially, you can opt for amazon affiliate program as amazon has the maximum reach in India in terms of ecommerce.

Affiliate marketers earn a lot online and even brands are searching for good affiliates at the very first place to enhance their promotions. nowadays, people rely on the opinion of others rather than the brand selling itself. So, people are more likely to convert through affiliate marketing rather than direct pitching. This adds on as a plus point to be an affiliate marketer for you as well as for the brand you are promoting. 

You can also go for domain exchange programs where you buy a domain name that is most likely to be sold and then sell t to a third party at a higher margin. Though this is not affiliate marketing, but people had seen remarkable results adopting this practice. This is commonly referred to as domain name trading.

YouTube video creation 

You can consider this option of becoming a social media creator , especially YouTube. As we all know that YouTube is the second largest online platform after Google with a huge number of engagements, this option has the potency to bring you fame along with money. It has also been predicted that in coming years people would be more inclined and would prefer video interactions as compared to any other mode. So, naturally the engagement of people on YouTube with rocket sky high. Moreover, the incoming advent of 5G will accelerate this process further more to a whole new level.


Getting back on how you can start your own YouTube channel and increase subscribers, again you should be good at any niche that interests you. It can be anything. Video editing is a skill that I would recommend you to acquire if you are looking forward to be a video content creator, this will enable you to earn money online without investing anything. Only thing you need to take care of is a good quality camera and a microphone. You can also go for a studio if that seems affordable. All these will only matter if the content that you create is engaging and of higher quality as compared to others in that niche. Here is an article on how you can become a YouTuber :     


Now you may have a question that how can you earn money from this, once you start creating videos and acquiring subscribers for a while, you can start monetization and ads will start running on your content, from that you can earn a lot. Moreover, YouTube starts paying you once you hit a certain threshold of subscribers of around 1000. 

The best benefit that you can get is that you will promote your prosomal brand which will help you to earn more in every walk of life. People will start following you and you will create your own fan following.

Blogging and Copywriting

Content marketing is the core of digital marketing. So, this would be the best skill to acquire to make money online. Blogging refers to writing articles like this that shares your learnings and experiences to others through writing blogposts and articles. If you are good at something, and you feel others should also know what you discovered, blogging is the best option to start with. You can promote affiliate products through you blog, start advertising in your blog through Google AdSense to earn money online with Google.

Copywriting is similar to blogging with the only difference that you would write for a product or service in such a wat that your visitors would be compelled to buy or take up your service. You can checkout this article on how to choose the right niche if you are getting started.


You can start up with creating your own website and publishing regular blogs on the same, you can also start with writing articles on free blogging sites like-

a) Blogger.com

b) WordPress.com

c) Medium.com

d) Tumblr.com

and a lot more..

Blogging or content marketing is the skill that will reap you fruits in the long run. Again if you run your own website, SEO will come into play. You can also opt for freelancing in content marketing as it is a rewarding freelancing career option. You can also use this as a tool for the future if you are going to sell any digital product or start with digital mentoring that we will discuss about very soon. This is the best means of earning online without investing as you just invest your time and knowledge to make money.

Digital Marketing

This domain is an evergreen field that you should aspire to master. I feel every individual in today’s era of digital revolution must be acquainted with digital marketing skills, if not on a professional level but till some extent. All the above mentioned ways to make money online will fall into place and prove to be very easy if you can master this one skill. 

Digital marketing is a very broad domain with various sub domains in it, including content marketing, SEO, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, email marketing and much more. You need to specialize in one of these to be able to master the same. In fact, digital marketer is among the top 10 in demand jobs in the world with best salaries and incentives. You can run ads for your client or for your own self to generate revenue and income. Organizing marketing funnel and running Ad campaigns are core roles of a digital marketer. 

To start with. you should opt for training in digital marketing online. DigitalDeepak.com is a recommended platform that provides high quality Digital Marketing training for free. After you have learned the fundamentals, you must apply what you have learned through an internship or job.

Digital marketing

This will set you apart from other Digital Marketers and you can increase your revenue to incredible scales. This skill will be a supporting branch for all aspects of your online presence and hence, your online income.

Of course, this will take time, but the benefits that you can reap after going through this non profit phase will be phenomenal. This evergreen field will never be overtaken by artificial intelligence or machines as marketing is deep rooted with human psychology which is not yet possible to decrypt by the AI tech of today and in the near future. So, this career choice without doubt would be a safe and promising option for any aspirant. Moreover, the scalability that you get in digital marketing in terms of your income is too good to be comparable with a traditional job.

Online Mentoring

Mentoring on the digital platform is often ignored and is the best field to tap into as soon as possible. If you are someone who loves teaching and feels like you have a potential and interest to teach some skills to others. Adapting to digital modes of mentoring is the best initiative you can take up to make money online in India.

Digital mentoring

The COVID phase has taught us the potential of learning through online mode and the pros and cons of the same over traditional and physical means.

When it comes to start online mentoring, you first need to discover, what is it that you can teach others and do they really need the same. You can also consider mentoring your professional job that you are currently pursuing or preparing for the future. Once you are convinced of what to teach, then is the time to create online courses, conduct webinars and meetings, interact with your mentees either on social media or through your own community. Digital mentoring is the best option to make money online for free. 

Once you are ready to release a course, you can reach out to customers through platforms like Udemy. When you build up your community that trusts you and wants to learn from you, you can sell your courses, conduct paid webinars or move them forward in your marketing funnel. 



Setting up your own ecommerce platform will not cost you too much, but once you build up your ecommerce platform with customer engagements, you are all set for the rest of life. Though this is not a means to make money online for free, it might interest you if you already run a business. If you think you can sell a product of your own, setting up a ecommerce website for your business is the best thing you can do. I would recommend you to check Importance of market Research to be convinced of importance of ecommerce.

As we all know the engagement of online buyers has witnessed a boom since the past decade, any business needs to get digital to compete with it’s competitors. So, it’s better if you take your business as soon as possible rather than suffering in the future when you find the online market flooded with your competitors product or service.


It is far more easier to reach your potential customer through targeted advertising as compared to physical modes of retail services. Most distributers that took up to digital commerce had witnessed tremendous growth rates and sales. 

So, now when we had explored all the 7 major modes on how to make money online for beginners, let’s recap what we have read — 

Initially we came across freelancing and how you can increase your rating in various freelancing platforms and what are the various fields you can specialize in to be a freelancer. Then we moved on to affiliate marketing and touched upon how to set up an affiliate website and rank it on Google search. We also had a look at the potential of gaining personal branding through YouTube video creation and content creation on other social media platforms. Blogging and copywriting was the best option to start with if you are a beginner and want to earn money online for free. After that, we explored the domain of Digital marketing and understood it’s importance in today’s era. We saw how can you progress in all the fields mentioned above through only one skillset of digital marketing. Then we appreciated mentoring to teach online and make money through various means like creating courses, hosting webinars and engaging with our mentees. Ecommerce was the last but not the least thing that we tapped into to understand the importance of getting online if you own a business or plan to do so in the future, but before that, I would recommend you to know the money things to do when you turn 18 in India by Sean Pinto.

With that said, we arrive at the end of this article, I hope this post added some value and helped you gain some insights on how to make money online in India. I would leave below links to few articles that will help you execute above mentioned skills and gain further insights to earn money online.

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