How can retailers leverage their business with Digital Marketing?

Since the past two years, pretty much every retailer of any sector must have realized what it takes to remain offline, following the brick & mortar methods of retailing. The final stage  of the value chain before reaching the customer is the retail. Now, slowly Indian retailers are recognizing the huge customer base available on the online web. Moreover, COVID has accelerated the process of online purchase to around 5 years ahead.


All retailers ranging from sellers of electronic gadgets, home appliances, furniture till those selling clothes and merchandises, have seen a shift in the purchasing pattern of the customers from offline means to online ecommerce. This is obvious as people enjoy the ease and freedom of choice and comparison that ecommerce services are offering at present. Doorstep delivery, price comparisons, product  reviews and product recommendations to name a few.


So this is high time for every retailer who desires new and engaging customers to leverage the benefits of online marketing rather than relying solely on becoming the word of mouth for nearby customers. The logistics domain of India has flourished as well, enabling product delivery and supply chain management easier and much cheaper than ever.


So, if you are someone who wants to take advantage of ecommerce, but have no clear idea on how to get started,, this article is for you.!


In this article I have explained how you can get your store online and be visible to potential customers, cut through the competition and convert people into paying customers.


Now, when it comes to setting up an online ecommerce store, many brands like Amazon, Shopify, Flipkart, etc might seem a good platform to get started. And this is what most of the retailers try to do. They simply start listing their products on these websites and they think that customers will discover them and start buying their product, but when they get no results they simply tag ecommerce as something that does not work. Of course, these platforms have a huge user base, but to get those customers to know you and prefer you instead of your competitors is what is unknown to most retailers starting an online store. Here is where you need the aid of digital marketing tools and techniques to set yourself apart and tap into those potential clients. Everyone is trying to get online and drive the attention of people. If you follow the same process most other retailers are following, that won’t yield you any results as such, and result in wastage of your precious time and money.


You need to have your own website to play this game in the long term. The degree of customization that can be performed in a personal website, cannot be attained in a third party environment. Moreover, only setting up a store will not suffice. The real game is to bring in people to your website and eventually convert them to paying customers. For this, one needs to perform SEO of the website, run Facebook and Google Ads, perform email and content marketing and much more, which should present the product or service of yours to the most favourable customers.These methods of marketing your products so that  people can trust you and prefer you over others is not offered by the above mentioned platforms. These should be performed in a personalized fashion specific to your sector and store.


Here is where “Vedant E-Commerce Agency” comes to your rescue. Our agency that specializes in performing Facebook Ads, Google Ads as well as SEO for retailers, specially in the electronic home appliances sector,  has committed to provide customized  services starting from setting up your own ecommerce store, hosting and managing all the technical aspects of your store. We perform SEO to rank your website after your online store is set up. We specialize in Facebook Ads, and also perform automated email marketing to convert those leads into permanent customers.


Fill up this form below to know more about our agency and the services we provide. Once you fill this form, we will arrange for a free consultation on what services are needed to set up and market your store and how you can generate high sales through ecommerce. We will reach out to you within one working day after your enquiry through this form. We will be happy working with you !


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