About Me

Vedant Naskar

Hey there ! First of all I thank you to visit my about page to know more about me. Here goes a brief description of myself –

I am a blogger who writes about personal and financial growth. Though I myself am exploring this field to as deep as accessible . I still prefer blogging so as to make available to you whatever I had explored so far and to present to myself as a summary, my experiences and learning.

I am a tech enthusiast as well, who is exploring the fields of web development and digital marketing. To mention about my academic qualification, I am a B.Tech Graduate from IIEST Shibpur focused in Electronics in Telecommunication Engineering.

I started this blog because I feel passionate and a necessity of exploring various new ways and opportunities of expanding financial as well as personal prospects. I feel awesome if I can present my experiences and learnings out to those who are seeking for the same like you !!

These fields interest me because I feel these are the primary areas, every individual should be concerned of..

That is all I guess, I could say about myself. If you want to know more you can always contact me – vedantnaskar04@gmail.com

I am always open to making new friends and expand my network and I would love to connect with you as well. You can reach me http://vedantnaskar.com/contact-vedant-naskar/ .

Thank You and I am looking forward to hear from you!